Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Moving On

On the eve of my 14th wedding anniversary, my husband called me selfish, detached, and a bad mother. Well, to be fair, he said I was a good mother 95% of the time, but what I heard was, "You're a bad mother 5% of the time," and that was 5% too much. So, while I may be an ubiquitous mom, apparently 5% of the time (if you ask me, it's way more than that; I think my husband was being generous) I am not such a great ubiquitous mom. And frankly, as I told him, being a mom isn't what or who I am--it's just one of the roles I play on TV. Just like being a teacher is an integral part of what and who I am. As is being a writer, and a friend, and a wife, and a runner. But I am more than the sum of my parts, and so I'm moving on to bigger, scarier, and more honest things. I am more interested in being Jen than in being Mom or being Mrs. Somebody. So maybe one day I'll come back here and that whole concept of Ubiquitous Mom will be more like Ubiquitous Jen: all Jen, all the time! God help those of you who know and love me. It's going to be a brave, new world.

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