Monday, September 27, 2010

A Few Things I Love about Costco

The Costco vs. BJ's debate was a recent topic of conversation among some friends. Having taken a tour of BJ's with a friend, I had to turn down membership there in favor of sticking with my Costco membership. While both stores offer gloriously and ridiculously large quantities of items, I am happy with the pesticide-free, organically grown options Costco offers over BJ's mass-market distributors. I'm sure if I dug around, I could uncover much dirt on the Costco/Kirkland brand...but as with other certain things, I am happy to remain blissfully unaware. Especially when Costco is replacing a five-year-old bed that I have been halfheartedly trying to have fixed/replaced on and off for the past five years. Here are a few other things I love about Costco:
  1. The pallets of paper goods: when I can buy toilet paper by the pallet, it means toilet paper is one less thing I have to worry about...for at least three months. Same with napkins. And Kleenex.
  2. The cases of beverages: seltzer water, juice boxes, V8. When you have a husband who drinks four times his weight (in ounces) each day, buying a six pack at a time will have you running to the store every other day.
  3. The eggs: I know, I know...eggs. Such a dilemma these days: where do they come from? How tortured were the chickens who laid them? The carton says "organic" and I'm going to blissfully be ok with that, even if it means the chickens might have still done awful things to one another while confined in a too-small coop. Why? Because being able to buy a carton with 18 eggs in it is a beautiful thing.
  4. The produce: Costco is probably the only place I know where you can buy organic baby spinach or mixed greens in a container big enough to last more than one day. If you bring a salad to work every day, you go through a lot of greens. Even when our garden was in full swing, we needed to supplement the lettuce-type-stuff. Apparently, we need to plant more lettuce next year.
  5. The produce (some more): with tri-color peppers priced out at $1.29 EACH everywhere else, being able to buy a pound at the same price is much more budget-friendly.
  6. The cereal: between my husband and daughter, a regular box of Cheerios barely lasts a week. Buying in bulk saves me from the monotony of buying "the staples" every week.
  7. The canned goods: cases of tuna, diced tomatoes, soup...need I say more?
  8. Dog food: same ingredients as the $60/bag we buy at the specialty store...for $30. 
  9. The rotisserie chicken:  for five bucks, the best thing to grab on an after-work shopping trip. That way, you don't have to worry about dinner and can focus all your efforts on finding someplace to put the carload of crap you just schlepped home.
  10. The samples: always tasty, yet always something way more unhealthy than I would actually consider buying, thereby making me feel less guilty about blocking the aisle with my mega-sized cart to wrestle my way through the crowd of people waiting for the sausages/mini pizzas/ravioli/egg roll to come out of the oven.
The thing I love best of all: that I have the room to store all of the laughably large quantities of food, paper goods, and other products I find myself compelled to buy.

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Jessica Patton Pellegrino said...

Let me know next time you go! I'm steeling myself again for a Super Store membership.